As Chicago sang in the 80’s: “You’re My Inspiration”

This is hilarious. My on-line buddy, Scott (who created SuperSnarl) was so inspired by my Granola Bars from God posting that he made the following graphic! I LOVE IT!

Random Thoughts (AKA Kvetching)

There are so many things running through my fragile little mind that I don’t know where to begin: 1 – Why do people rush to get into the subway train or onto an escalator…only to stop once they get there (blocking traffic). This morning I was heading toward an escalator and these two middle-age people […]

Food for Thought

So, yesterday on my commute home I came up with a hypothesis regarding the gay community in Boston. Thoughout the United States, gay men from Boston have, perhaps, the absolute worst reputation for being snobby, aloof, distant and unfriendly. I can’t tell you how many times, after chatting on-line with somebody from another part of […]

Happy Birthday Cake To You!

It’s my one year anniversary of blogging (the heading for today’s posting is in reference to the old Eldo Cake House sign in Boston’s Chinatown – I believe the’ve replaced it)! So much has happened in the past year – some good, some bad. I settled into a new condo, Matt’s brother was living with us, […]

He’s a Flirt. He’s insane. It’s SuperSnarl!

An on-line buddy of mine (props to Scott!) is an art director for a television channel. Yesterday, he used his artistic talents and created an image of me as a superhero*: I like it. Though, I think he may have been a bit generous with the abdominal muscles (and I wouldn’t have minded a larger […]

Simple is as Simple Does

An on-line friend asked me this morning to describe a typical day for me. And upon responding, I realized that my life is pretty damn lame. I’ve always been a man of routine. I’ve tried shaking things up a bit…a trip here or there; meeting new people; taking classes. But overall – I simply prefer […]

Very Sly

As I was walking to work this morning I saw a truck delivering magazines. On the side was the cover of the premiere issue of a new magazine: Sly. After staring a few minutes longer I noticed that the cover model was, in fact, Sly himself: Sylvester Stallone. Of course, upon arriving at my office […]

Get Ur Freak On

I don’t know what it is…but I’ve seen the strangest things the past few days. Generally, I feel like I’ve been in a daze – yet I’ve witnessed the following: 1 – this morning there were two older women walking in front of North Station. They were apparently sisters (possibly fraternal twins) but both were […]

Over the Rainbow, Over the Edge

We held a memorial service for Regina today at work (we’re also working on an official memorial for the community at large for April). But a small group of us got together yesterday to plan it out and it was quite nice. It was held on campus and I would guess that between 40-50 (or […]

Urban Ramblings

I was chatting on-line last night with a friend in Chicago and he sent me his address. I looked it up on an online map (I find the Rand McNally website the best for maps) and it reminded me how simple his city is (in terms of layout). It got me to thinking about the […]