Happy Anniversary

Today is the one day anniversary of the first legal gay marriages in the United States. Despite all of its shortcomings, I’m so proud to be from Massachusetts. Of course, all of the newspapers (dailies and weeklies) are running articles about it, with photos, statistics, and opinions. There was a great op-ed piece in the Metro paper this morning by Mike Mennonno where he pointed out that gay people seeking marriage rights and equality is much less radical than the stuff conservatives have been trying to push through (Terry Schiavo, constitutional amendments, etc…). If you’re in the Boston area – you should pick up a copy.

On a related topic (well, not really…but it’s the best segue I could come up with), I was watching VH1 Classics last night and they were playing an OMD video (fortunately, it was “Forever Live and Die” because I’m so sick of seeing and hearing “If You Leave”). Anyway, in the video there was the trumpet player who only had a little bit of playing to do so for most of the video he just be-bopped about the stange having a blast. It reminded me of the good old days (early 1990’s) when bands would have a dancer in them. Remember that? Groups like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Happy Mondays would have a guy who didn’t sing and didn’t play an instrument. His sole purpose was to prance around the stange while the band performed.

Why don’t groups do that anymore?


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  1. Comment by David in Chicago on May 18, 2005 10:41 pm

    Oh. OMD. And I knew immediately who you were talking about. LOL. I’s old, apparently.

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