Sometimes You Just Don’t Get It

I had a fun time last night, Ben and Brad cooked dinner for me and Rich. They prepared a great spinach salad, scallops with fettucini, steamed veggies and chocolate mousse for dessert. Also, after raving about Strangers with Candy for so long, I brought the DVD of season one with me. Now, I know that the show is an acquired taste. In fact, it seems to be a love or hate thing – no inbetween. Although, I have noticed that most people come out indifferent after their first time watching it. But after giving episodes a second viewing, they develop a pretty hearty appreciation for it.

Last night I got to witness Rich as he developed his 2nd viewing appreciation. Meanwhile, the virgin viewers of Ben and Brad (and I assure you this is the only time those two could consider themselve virgins) didn’t seem to get the humor. Yes, they laughed a few times – but I think I may need to force them to watch a few more episodes someday (if they’ll let me).

Anyway, I didn’t get home until pretty late last night (11:30PM on a school night is late for me), so I was a bit slow this morning. I did my normal routine of getting off the train at Porter Square, but then noticed that it was beginning to drizzle. Actually, it wasn’t even heavy enough to be considered drizzle – it was simply a light mist. Still, i went into full diva mode and decided I would take the subway one stop to Harvard Square instead of doing my normal 10 +/- walk.

Big mistake. There was a disabled train somewhere in the tunnel so I ended up standing on the platform for 30 minutes. After 10 minutes of waiting, I saw a few people leave (meanwhile the platform got more and more crowded as other commuters arrived). I kept running that Murphy’s Law concept through my head: “If I walk away now, the train will surely come as I’m on the escalator, so I’ll just keep waiting.”.

15 minutes have now gone by.

“Well, if one more outbound train goes by, I’m leaving.”

20 minutes (and 3 outbound trains) have now gone by.

“Hmmm, if I’d have just walked like I normally do, I’d already be at my desk.”

25 minutes have now gone by.

“Why am I waiting? I could have walked to work more than three times by now. And you just know the next train will be packed”

30 minutes have now gone by.

“Yay – the train is approaching.”

And it’s one of the most crowded trains I’ve ever been on. Only on public transit can you get to know your fellow commuter so intimately (without conversation!) as you press against each other’s bodies with your pelvic regions….and not get arrested! It figures that I was surrounded by women, though.

I think I should have walked.


  1. Comment by scott on May 18, 2005 7:55 pm

    hey handsome.
    i’m baaaaa-ack.
    full diva mode in a light mist? any self-respecting diva would now that when it rains…’its rainin’ men, amen!’
    seems to me someone should have spraypainted ‘dolphin-free’ on the outside of that subway car.

  2. Comment by Ben on May 24, 2005 1:39 pm

    You may have to force us into another viewing. I thought we were getting it, but I guess I’m older and dumber than I thought!

  3. Comment by Ben on May 24, 2005 1:44 pm

    You may have to force us into another viewing. I thought we were getting it, but I guess I’m older and dumber than I thought!

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