Remember How I Said That Things Would Go Wrong Yesterday?

Well, nothing catostrophic happened, but things still didn’t pan out as planned after I poured orange juice over my Mini-Wheats.

I planned to go home from work to grab a quick meal before heading out to see the advanced screening of the Arisocrats with Rich. But as I approached the North end, I noticed that the street signals weren’t working (traffic was a mess). I also noticed more elderly Italians sitting on their front stoops. Now, this happens daily anyway – but the quantities were much higher yesterday.

I got to my building only to realize that there was no power. I fiddled with the key hole to my apartment in the pitch-black 2nd floor landing of my building and entered my un-air-conditioned home. Well, there was no way I could prepare a quick meal so I headed deeper into the North End to grab a slice (or two…I’m a pig) of pizza. There were pockets with power and I managed to go to Ernesto’s on Salem Street only to find out that within the prevoius hour there were four manhole explosions/fires along Hanover and Prince Streets so the electric company shut down power practically to the whole North End.

Anyway, no big deal. I returned to my dark and primitive home to eat my pizza. The power came on just before I left the apartment to go to the movie. YAY!

But when I arrived at the theatre, Rich and I couldn’t get in because they gave out too many free passes and the place had reached capacity. UGH.

Fortunately, the rest of the night went by without a hitch. Rich and I ventured back into the North End and had some half-melted gelato on Salem Street before retuning to my place to watch Big Brother.

I sent Rich home and then I packed, shaved and showered in preparation of my trip to the White Mountains this evening. I won’t have interent access up there. Hell, they barely get the local ABC affiliate. But I plan to take oodles of pictures of the mountains and rivers and streams (oh my). See you mid-week!


  1. Comment by karyn on August 12, 2005 1:01 pm

    White Mountains?
    What have you done with Karl?
    Two slices of pizza… you glutton, you. How DO you face yourself in the mirror. Tsk. Whatever! You and your jutty hipbones. Paf!

  2. Comment by Karl on August 12, 2005 1:04 pm

    OH, I should have been clearer. The slices at this place are 1/4 of a large pizza. So, I ended up essentially with half a large pizza (but it was good. MMMM).

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