Are These People Really That Stupid?

Okay. I normally don’t post twice in one day, but I was reading the Boston Globe on-line and stumbled upon an article including the most idiotic quote fathomable. I just had to write about it. It was in an article about the swans in Boston’s historic Public Garden. The city has two swans, Romeo and […]

Remember How I Said That Things Would Go Wrong Yesterday?

Well, nothing catostrophic happened, but things still didn’t pan out as planned after I poured orange juice over my Mini-Wheats. I planned to go home from work to grab a quick meal before heading out to see the advanced screening of the Arisocrats with Rich. But as I approached the North end, I noticed that the […]

Orange Juice & Mini-Wheats: The Breakfast for People Who Don’t Want to Heat Up Their Kitchen in the Summer

So that’s pretty much what I’ve been eating for the past few weeks (once I realized that the high fiber content of Fiber One cereal was wreaking havoc on my gastro-intestinal system). But this morning, the inevitable happened. In my sleepy haze, I managed to pour the orange juice over the cereal instead of pouring […]

Summer Sweaters

No, I’m not talking about people who sweat a lot in the summer (which would include me). I’m talking about the article of clothing called a sweater. As I was walking to work this morning a man walked by me wearing what appeared to be a summer sweater. Essentially, it was a standard sweater but with […]

We’ll Have a Gay Ole’ Time

Instead of boring you with all of the details of my trip (as I usually do upon my return), I’ll try to summarize a bit more this time. And, like any easy-reading tabloid, I’ll include lots of pretty pictures. After crashing at my parents house Thursday night (and losing MISERABLY at Rummy), Rich and I […]

And They’re Off (again)!

I do love my Provincettown. I just returned from along weekend less than two weeks ago and I’m heading down there again today. After hearing the weather forecast, I decided to see if I could get one extra night down there (Friday night). The guest house we’re staying at Saturday and Sunday had no availability […]

Simple Observations

As I was walking into work this morning I saw the catering staff preparing for today’s annual staff picnic. This it my fifth summer at Harvard and will be the first time I’ve been able to attend (since I was usually on the Cape this week). Consequently, I’ve never seen what it’s like, but based […]

Greased Lightning

The western half of the state was in a Severe Thunderstorm Watch until 11PM last night. The Boston area was not covered in that watch. Yet nearly 2 hours after the watch expired, HUGE thunderstorms popped up in Boston. I was jolted from bed around 12:30 in the morning with one loud crack. It was […]

All Caught Up

I tried making this weekend as relaxing as possible. I think I managed to do just that while also accomplishing the crap I’d been putting off. On Friday night, I ignored the world and caught up with the last 5 episodes of Queer as Folk (that my friends, Ben and Brad, have recorded for me…thanks […]