Here We Go Again

I’m not sure what it is with people being against gay marriage. If they don’t believe in it, then shouldn’t have one. Otherwise, I say live and let live. Anyway, I’m going to edit a rather long email I received (twice, no less) on Wednesday and paraphrase here (to bad we couldn’t “edit” the bad decisions politicans seem to be making so frequently). Anyway:

As you know, gay marriage was legalized in Massachusetts nearly two years ago. In that time, over 6,000 couples have been married (and nothing has changed for the worse for heterosexual couples). Recently, twenty anti-gay marriage groups submitted what feels like the one-millionth attempt to block gay marriages.

This most recent attempt was a citizen’s initiative that had to be approved by the state’s Attorney General. He had the opportunity (I would say legal obligation) to reject it since the Massachusetts Constitution forbids any initiative petition that would overturn a judicial decision. But instead, he certified it so that the groups just need to obtain signatures and then, if they get them all, it goes to the voters in 2008 (four years after gay marriages began).*

In addition, the State legislature is voting on another anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment next week (see what I mean about all these people doing everything they can to ban it?…and why?). This one would eliminate gay marriage and provide civil unions and would go to the voters in 2006.

Meanwhile, Spain and Canada recently legalized gay marriage and all is good there. And just yeaterday the California legsislature approved gay marriage (though, it’s expected Governor Arnold will veto it). I’d hate for Massachusetts to be taking two steps back.

So, I’m urging my readers to:

Click here to write a personal letter to Attorney General Reilly:

Click here to make a contribution to MassEquality: 


*It should be noted that our Attorney General is also running for Governor so it’s highly likely that this decision was made for political reasons – especially since the AG was originally against gay marriage and now says he’s for gay marriage. Please remove flip-flopper designation from John Kerry and attribute it to AG Reilly.


  1. Comment by Underling on September 7, 2005 11:31 pm

    So tired of seeing this happen. Why won’t these people just stop. I don’t understand the craziness of it.

    *shakes head in disbelief*

  2. Comment by David on September 8, 2005 8:49 am

    Alright already…..
    Did you get it from me twice?

  3. Comment by jeff on September 8, 2005 10:39 am

    Filled out, sent and for good measure I even contacted my state senator and legislator to tell them to vote down the other amendment that is supposed to be coming up at the convention on the 14th. Let’s just hope that someone takes the constitutionality of the petition driven ballot measure to the court before it gets on the ballot in 2008 so they can say it’s unconstitutional. I just don’t understand the point – we’ve had gay marriage legalized and the sky hasn’t fallen, the gates of hell haven’t opened and in general, life in Massachusetts has continued on just like before – and I bet not a single heterosexual marriage has been harmed by it – so why bother trying to ban it now? The stupid religious fanatics need to move elsewhere instead of trying to change everyone else.

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