Brown Sugar

MMMMMM – I do loves me some brown sugar. Although, I suspect Mick Jagger was singing about a different type of brown sugar…but I love it all the same.

This morning I got my oatmeal from the cafeteria…and I unlike the plain oatmeal I’ll typically would prepare at home (occasionally with maple syrup added, but normally plain), I mixed my oatmeal quite generously with spoonfuls of brown sugar. This rare sugary-sweet treat is likely to put me on a rare high for the next few hours. Wish me luck as I try to focus.

Oh, look – something shiny!

(10 minutes later)

I’m back.

Let’s see…where was I? Well, I went over to Mike’s last night and enjoyed a meal just as peculair as my pizza, turkey hot dogs and sauerkraut feast from a few weeks ago. This time, however, Mike prepared an ever-so-tasty meal consisting of a caprice salad, breaded fish fillets and asparagus quiche. It all went together better than you’d expect.

Then we watched Will and Grace (rather funny), My Name is Earl (flashback to Y2K…so clever) and The Office (love it – so painful to watch generally, but that last scene as the staff went home for the day was simply brutal!).

And now it’s Friday!

OH – and I tested the new blog server (and program…Wordpress, I think?) and it seems easy to use. I’m hoping to begin migrating next week. Wish me luck as I’m normally clueless about this sort of thing. I figured out how to add photos….but haven’t quite figured out how to get those photos to actually appear on screen (a slight problem). Otherwise, it looks rather easy to use and should be wicked speedy.



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  1. Comment by Lise on March 24, 2006 10:51 am

    And Jason Lee looked particularly scrumptious last night, despite the greasy hair. Our dinner party consisted of some more conventional but very delicious food – chicken baked w/ browned potatoes & sweet potatoes, brocolli, brie cheese, salad w/ nuts, all topped off by a variety of klondike bars. Gastronomy indeed!

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