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At almost the very last minute I managed to find a room on the Cape for Saturday night. I’d been checking the online “last minute availability” list all week and nothing showed up for any of the weekend evenings. Finally, late Friday afternoon, I managed to find a place in North Truro (about 3.5 miles from Provincetown). YAY ME!

My friend, Adam, arrived at my place on Friday night where we walked around St. Anthony’s Feast for a bit before watching (don’t laugh) “Pillow Talk” on DVD.

I said don’t laugh.

On Saturday morning, we got up bright and early and headed to the Herring Cove Beach. Traffic wasn’t too bad…but it was bad enough. After about 4 hours on the beach we drove back to North Truro to check-in to the hotel. The place was called Horizon’s Edge and it was your standard strip motel…but on prime waterfront real estate. There was a 2-story beachfront building, 2 pagoda style buildings on the dunes and a 3-story dune-side motel building. That’s where we were…but our 2nd-floor room had a balcony overlooking Cape Cod Bay and, to the right, Provincetown.

After showering off the salt and sand, we headed back into town for dinner and sight-seeing. I’d hoped to catch up with Fred after the Cyndi Lauper concert, but that unfortunately never happenend. After dinner at Bubula’s (mmmmm) we continued walking and going into the shops. I love going with new people because they go into the shops that I never go into (since I’ve been going for years). Aside from the t-shirt shops, things change over the years in many of the shops/galleries and I always fail to realize that.

And for the first time in years, we never managed to get to a show. But we still had fun…

Until Sunday when we decided to drive back. It was raining so we headed back around 10:30AM. What took just about 2 hours the last time I returned from Ptown, took 6 hours yesterday. I’ve always had such good luck at avoiding the traffic by leaving on a Monday. Leaving on a Sunday is just a mistake. There was traffic near Truro where the highway goes from 2 lanes to 1. Then again toward the Orleans Rotary. Then, randomly, on suicide alley between exits 12 and 10 (inexplicably). Then it was just mayhem from exit 5 to the rotary (quite a long distance). We detoured and visited my parents for a spell before using the side roads to avoid the highway traffic. And even those were horrible as we approaced the canal.

Add in some torrential rains between Plymouth and Weymouth, plus Big Dig airport tunnel detours and this short drive becomes a full day event.

In case you couldn’t tell, the photo on top was looking toward the right from our hotel room in North Truro. The photo below shows the view looking more-or-less straight out.


And this is Adam being adventurous in the cold Atlantic waters. I only managed to get up to my knees. I guess he’s got bigger balls than I do. Well, maybe not after being in the water.







  1. Comment by Fred on August 21, 2006 12:12 pm

    Hey – yeah, sorry to have missed y’all, but glad you had fun, heinous drive home aside! The 11AM boat was a zoo, too, for what worth -when the weather is bad, it always pays to leave later, because everyone else, notably the New Yorkers, thinks they’re being smart leaving early…ugh!!

  2. Comment by karyn on August 21, 2006 2:57 pm

    D’oh! Next time, get off at exit seven, hit the damn airport , return your car and FLY home. The savings in time will offset the expense. Probably. Or you could’ve called in sick today and just stayed on through Sunday. No? I’m sure you’re far too pragmatic for that kind of thing. I’m not.

    Those kinds of stop-and-go traffic situations get real old real fast.

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