Life’s Pleasant Little Surprises

You know how you’ll put on a coat after not wearing it since the previous season and you’ll discover a dollar bill (or some forgotten change)? CHA-CHING! It’s usually something you discover in the morning and it sets the mood for a great day. Well, I had a similar experience yesterday. I was balancing my […]

Whistle While You Work

Actually, most people would be snoring at that ungodly hour. The neighbor across the street used to have brown vinyl siding. Mind you, this is in a dense urban neighborhood consisting exclusively with brick buildings. Even worse, the siding ran vertically instead of horizontally. Ghastly – plain and simple. In April they removed the vinyl […]

Night of the Dead

After work yesterday, I got together with my friend, John, and headed over to Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge. I had hoped to do it on Sunday with Adam, but we ran out of time (and it’s easier to reach the cemetery by car since it’s not downtown). Anyway, this was John’s first time and […]

Please keep your arms and heads inside the tour bus at all times

I had a great weekend. I did! On Friday I came home from work and rested…but then my friend, Eric, picked me up and we headed off to a bar to play pool and chat. I talked my friend and co-worker, Mark (Veselka Slut) to join us. Three games of pool were played: Karl vs. […]

Trigger West Bay….for a day

Trigger West Bay is apparently my porn or drag name (my first pet’s name and chilchood street address) and that’s who I was yesterday as I woke up with a bit of laryngitis. Of course, I didn’t realize this until a few hours later while at work when my phone rang. Since I live alone […]

Walking n’ Talking

This is like a youth reunion week for me. Last night I got together for dinner with my friend, Jen, who I worked with at Record Town 15 years ago while a poor struggling college student. That was back when the Prudential Center shopping mall didn’t exist (it was an unpleasant outdoor concrete arcade with […]

I Love a Good Debate

And yesterday’s post managed to create just that. I think that may be the most traffic this blog has seen in ages. I should be controversial more often. Coke or Pepsi? Discuss.

I’m Floored

I got my credit card bill the other day and, on top of all of the other unexpected costs associated with my trip to Europe, a hotel reservation that I had canceled still appeared on my statement for $170. I contacted the reservations agent and forwarded a copy of my credit card bill, my hotel reservation confirmation, and most […]

Putting the Ass in Massachusetts

Now, I know that it’s illegal to serve acohol to minors. And, I believe the law states that if a person looks like they’re under 28 (or 30, or some such age) that you should ask to see their ID anyway. But is it still required to ask senior citizens? That’s practically what happened in front […]

It Doesn’t Pay to Get Sick

Actually, it does pay somebody. Unfortunately, that somebody isn’t me. In fact, I’m the one doing the paying (some of it, at least). You may recall my mysterious sore throat/rash combination from a few months ago (wow – has it been that long?). I finally got the bill for my trip to the emergency room […]