I rarely recall my dreams. I wish I did, but I simply don’t. However, I managed to recollect strange portions of last night’s dreams. It seems that it was inspired by the Big Brother 7 series finale….a clear sign that I need a more exciting life. Anyway, in the dream I was apparently a contestant […]

Deck the Halls

Yep – it’s only mid-September and I’m getting into the holiday spirit already. A few weeks ago I received my first piece of mail advertising Christmas tchotchkes. That junk mail was actually addressed to my friend, Regina, who died nearly two years ago. But since I’m executor of her estate, I still get random pieces […]

Better Late than Never

I’m a bit delayed updating my blog this morning. I got sucked into the CNN pipeline feed showing the actual news footage on 9/11 as it happened (when they were going on word of mouth because nobody could have imagined the reality). At one point, the anchorman was saying that there must be some sort […]

Well How Did That Happen?

It’s Friday. Huh? Where did Tuesday through Thursday go? This definitely felt like a short work week. I’ve actually got nothing planned tonight since the weekend always seemed so far away. Still, I’m rather happy about that. The past few weekends (months?) have been chock full of travel (Europe, parents, Ptown, Hartford) or drama (break ups, […]

I’m so Animated

Thanks to “Dave in Chicago” (who I’ll hopefully be hanging out with again when he becomes Dave in Boston for a few days in November) sent me the link to a site that allows you to make a South Park character based on your own features. Unfortunately, this is what the program came up with: […]

My Extensive Subterranean Travels

Thanks to Thom, at Thoughts Made Bald, here’s list of subways/public transit systems I’ve used in my life. In order, they include: Amsterdam, NYC (Path), Montreal, NYC (subway), Paris (commuter rail), Chicago, Washington DC, Toronto, San Francisco (subway), San Francisco (commuter rail), Philadelphia, Paris (subway), Boston. I keep thinking I’m missing a few. But maybe […]

New England’s Rising Star

That’s what Hartford calls itself. Although I had a great trip (despite the weather), I think the city’s logo is misleading. Then again my first impressions were soured by my travel companion. I boarded Amtrak at South Station and was impressed at the leg-room (seeing as this train goes to Chicago, I guess the leg-room […]

What Would You Do With $10,000?

The CBS Morning News this morning interviewed a waitress who received a $10,000 tip at the Applebee’s she works at in Kansas. When asked what she would do with the money, she said that she wants to help her father with some expenses associated with knee surgery he’s having in October. She also plans to […]