What a lovely holiday – despite the rain on the actual day itself. I arrived on Cape Cod on Wednesday. Leaving Boston at 6:45PM helped me miss all of the traffic and I was at my parents door within 90 minutes. We had pie, played Rummy and went to bed. Oh, and my parents posed for this photo of them with Dusty:

Thanksgiving 2006 013.jpg

Thursday was a complete wash-out so my parents and I played lots of cards, ate lots of food and watched lots of movies. On Friday I finally went to see Borat. Not unexpectedly, I was disappointed. It seems that whenever I build up a movie in my head (and read all of the hype) I assume the film is going to be THE film to end all films. I enjoyed parts of Borat (and I loved the idea behind it) but it just wasn’t everything I’d hoped it would be (I still find Sacha Baron Cohen extremely talented).

There were 6 people in the theater besides me. Two women, a husband and wife, and two late teenage girls. There was barely a snicker uttered by any of them for nearly half the movie. Then, when Borat and his manager do their nude wrestling scene, the husband and wife got up to leave. They walked down 10 rows and tapped the shoulders of the teen girls and pointed at the exit door. Within seconds, they got up and left, too. That left just three people in the theatre. I guess Cape Cod isn’t ready for this sort of movie.

I had some fun on Friday night when I got together for dinner with Randy’s ex-boyfriend and his brother (and his brother’s boyfriend). The four of us ate at a Thai Restaurant in Hyannis (overlooking the airport). Actually, we were below the path to the runway (which was literally across the street). It was interesting to feel some shaking and then look out the window to see a plane about 50 feet above us.

After dinner we headed over to the 477/Mallory Dock (the midcape’s only gay bar). I’d not been there in over a decade. It was quite a culture shock after the bars in Europe and Boston (and even Ptown). We walked in (granted, it was early) and there were 6 or 7 men sitting at the bar. Every single one of them turned around as we entered and welcomed us. It was like we were a collective Norm, from Cheers. Anyway, we chatted with some folks seated next to us and had a good time. I headed out a bit early to go home to finish playing cards with my parents.

I returned to Boston on Saturday (giving Randy’s ex, Chris, a ride up from Plymouth). Then I shopped and prepped for Sunday night’s Christmas Tree Decorating gathering (it wasn’t really a party at only 6 people). I picked Randy up from the airport on Sunday and then Randy, Bryan, Jason, Marin, Roger and Sven all decorated the tree with me, listening to holiday music, eating brownies, cookies and gingerbread, and drinking wine, hot apple cider and egg nog.

The one thing I could have done without was the mocking of my decorations. Oh, and the fact they they all assumed I was the lightest guy there and decided to pick me up for the first photo.

hoho group.JPG 

Here are some photos of Roger and Sven judging my ornaments

hoho Roger.JPG

hoho Sven.JPG

Here’s Marin laughing (probably at one of my ornaments)

hoho Marin.JPG

Here are some photos of the happy couples

hoho Randy Karl.JPG

hoho Bryan Jason.JPG

All in all, a great weekend to start off the holiday season.


  1. Comment by Jessie on November 27, 2006 12:47 pm

    Hi Karl!!
    What the hell is that fairy/grapes thing??

  2. Comment by karyn on November 27, 2006 2:37 pm

    You are such a great representation of the best of your parents… wow. The older you get, the more I see it… and that is not an age shot….

    Nice pic. You probably WERE the lightest, because you’re a freaking string bean and you eat like a goddamned bunny rabbit.

    I do not think The Cape isn’t ready for Borat… I think people in general do not appreciate sitting through drek and paying for it. Plenty of people not on cape failed to appreciate the ‘genius’ of whomever hustled this turkey off the celluloid farm.

  3. Comment by snarl on November 27, 2006 3:34 pm

    Um, Karyn…sweetie? How can you call it “drek” and a “turkey” if you’ve not yet seen it? Apparently, it’s been quite popular (#1 film) and everybody I know who saw it said it was packed. Apparently, lots of people “appreciate sitting through drek and paying for it.”

    I just wasn’t one of them (though, I wouldn’t have called it drek).

  4. Comment by The Persian on November 27, 2006 3:46 pm

    Such amazing pictures! I recognise a couple people besides yourself 🙂

    I loved Borat EXCEPT that scene. Honestly I couldn’t watch it (and for the record I find Sacha Cohen very attractive, not so sure why). It was completely un-necessary.

    I found this cute deleted scene on youtube where he goes into a pet shop, you should check it out.


  5. Comment by Will on November 28, 2006 1:53 pm

    Fun pictures, wonderful of your parents–they look like GREAT people–amd delightful of you and the friends. I’m a real sucker for happy male couple shots.

    And let ’em laugh at your ornaments (as long as they don’t say “Karl’s got the FUNNIEST little dangling ornament!”) because every tree has ornaments that are meaningful to their owner, that tell a story about his life and family and friends. I’m sure there’s even a perfectly wonderful, sentiment-drenched story abut that grape fairy thingie . . . . 🙂

  6. Comment by karyn on November 28, 2006 2:57 pm

    Sweetie? How do you know I didn’t see it?

    It is possible to become the #1 movie through aggressive marketing and still be complete crap (Snakes on a Plane?).

  7. Comment by snarl on November 28, 2006 5:07 pm

    So you’ve seen it, Karyn?

    …and what’s wrong with mutha-fu&*iing snakes on a muthafu^&*ing plane?


  8. Comment by Siouxzanne Buehrer on April 28, 2007 6:33 pm

    Mom, (the sweet woman holding Puppers)

    I don’t have a website, but I was googling the word ThanksGetting Party for a 2007 November Cocktail night for our neighborhood and your page came to my view.

    How fun your family seems! I was delighted and this is what America’s family and friends are about. The Pooch is to die for!

    Your virtual friend,
    Suzanne Buehrer, Maumee Ohio

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