All the More Reason to Move

It isn’t bad enough that the neighbor from hell moved in above me back in September and continues to dynamite boulders on a nightly basis, but now the media is reporting that uber-conservative Governor Mitt Romney (soon to be ex-governor…yay) is planning to base his presidential campaign headquarters around the corner from me. Yep, he wants to occupy the building that was recently vacated by Roche-Bobois; the high-end Parisian furniture company.

There’s already been a lot of scandal in the area regarding the future of that building. A developer has submitted plans to demolish it and build an 8 story luxury condominium building that is 37 feet taller than the current building. The locals are upset that it’s going to ruin the character of the neighborhood by being a) so big and b) so wealthy (the North End was historically working class). Now the old building (pre-demolition) may become occupied by a candidate largely despised by the local populace. This should be interesting.

Still, despite these things, I’d love to remain in the neighborhood. Rumor has it that I can afford a parking space – so things are looking up.

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