Nor For My Consideration

I’ve been wanting to see For Your Consideration (the movie) since I first heard about it nearly a year ago. I’ve always seen Christopher Guest’s movies the weekend they came out (if not opening day). But I’ve become lazy…or distracted. I’m still dying to see it, but at this rate it’s going to be out […]

Meme Me

It’s Friday, I’m lazy. I’ll follow the leads of others and answer pre-established quesitons. The Phone rings. Who are you hoping it is? Nobody. I detest telephones so I’d rather it not ring at all. Shoot me an instant message instead. When shopping at the grocery store do you return the cart? Nope. I don’t […]

With the Good, Comes the Bad

As has been the case over the past few years, when things start going well in my life (work is good, new relationship, fun travels), bad things start happening to those around me. This past weekend my sister-in-law was brought back into the hospital. This has been an on-going thing for the past year and […]

Fill ‘er Up!

Friday night, while flossing my teeth, I managed to pop out a filling from an old cavity. I started freaking out (that I wouldn’t be able to get it filled again until Monday and that the pain would be unbearable) but Randy calmed me down and said not to worry. For the rest of my […]

Go Team, Go!

Plans to get together with a group of friends at a bar on Friday night fell though. Instead, I got together with Randy and two other friends to play cards. Actually, while fighting this cold of mine that was a better alternative (even though I lost). On Saturday, the weather was pheomenal (after the morning rains ended). […]


That’s me. So I’ve brought my new laptop home and it works wonderfully. Randy set me up with Wifi at home so when he left my apartment last weekend, I had wireless internet access and life was good. Then on Tuesday night I decided I should make it a secure connection (versus allowing other people […]

The Jury’s Out

Miracle of miracles, I was able to change my jury duty! I was originally scheduled for late last summer. But since crime goes up in the summer, I figured i’d be more likely to get stuck on a trial if I served then (plus, I question the courthouse’s air-conditioning quality). I selected a replacement date […]


I’ve got a pseudo-cold developing and it’s made me cranky. So I’m going to piss and moan today (despite the fact that, overall, life is rather good at the moment). First, I blogged a few weeks ago about how Randy and I plan on going to Mexico (Puerto Vallarta) in February. He’s already booked the tickets […]

Back to Life, Back to Reality

  How time flies. December was essentially a joke for me. I started the month off in Japan. Then I worked just shy of two weeks before taking 11 more days off (and venturing up to Montreal). I guess there was no point in purchasing a subway pass last month, huh? Anyway, I can’t remember […]