This Isn’t Supposed to Happen Yet

When did summer come? April was practically (if not THE) coldest April on record and now it’s not even mid-May and we’re in the upper 80’s with humidity? This is sick and wrong. I’m so distressed. Yeah, yeah, yeah, everything is blooming and pretty (like I mentioned yesterday), but couldn’t it just be in the upper 50’s and low 60’s? One of the reasons I remain up north is so that I don’t have to deal with the longer periods of heat and humidity that our southern neighbors have to contend with.

But despite my misery, I did get together with my friend, Jen, last night for dinner.  And I suppose the only silver-lining to this warmer weather was that we were able to get gelato at the Gelateria on Hanover Street and walk along the waterfront without freezing our asses off (as happened in February).

I also realized that two is two weeks before Randy and I fly to London..and two weeks before my birthday! In honor of that, here are some photos of previous birthdays!

1971 – Technically not on the actual day of birth…but close enough. Such a lovely slip-cover!

710800 Karl.JPG

1972 – My Mom had plants back then?

720524 Karl Bday 109 West Bay Road Osterville MA 01.jpg

1974 – I’m on the left

740524 Karl Bday with Paul.JPG

1978 – mmmm – muscular men in tights

780524 Karl Bday 109 West Bay Road Osterville.JPG

1979 – Brown paneling, brown wallpaper, brown cake.

790524 Karl Bday 109 West Bay Road Osterville.JPG

1980 – too many stripes

800524 Karl Bday 109 West Bay Road Osterville.JPG

1981 – Liberace in training

810524 Karls Bday 109 West Bay Road Osterville MA 05.jpg

1982 – Boston creme pie and a velour shirt…and a white Urkel?

820524 Karl Bday Chris Hoffman 109 West Bay Road Osterville.JPG

1983 – Were they trying to make me gay?

830524 Karl Bday 109 West Bay Road Osterville.JPG

1984 – Apparently my gift was a helmet. Oh, wait a minute….

840524 Karl Bday 109 West Bay Road Osterville.JPG

1987 – Mmmm – juice box

870524 Karl Ginny Rizzo 109 West Bay Road Osterville MA 01.JPG

1989 – My birthday coincided with scholarship/awards night at my high school. Ugh – dressing up.

890524 Dad Karl Mom 109 West Bay Road Osterville MA 01.JPG

1996 – apparently I didn’t celebrate my birthday between 1990 and 1995

960524 Karl Bday 08.JPG

1997 – celebrated in Beaumont, Texas

970523 Karl Beaumont TX 01.jpg

1998 – With Mumsy and Dadsy

980524 Dad Karl Mom 12 St Germain Street 5 Boston MA 02.JPG

2000 – just back from vacation in the White Mountains

000522 Karl on Washington Street Boston.JPG

2001 – Cutting open the penis cake

010602 8 Whittier Place 10J Boston MA 02.jpg

2002 – I think I look almost athletic in this one.

020524 Dad Mom Karl Winter Island Salem MA.jpg

2003 -Sadly, this was the worst birthday ever. I had to admit my ex into a mental hospital two days before my birthday. This was a belated celebration the day he got released – an instant Jello pudding pie thrown together at the last minute.

030524 Karl bday 01.JPG


  1. Comment by Lise on May 10, 2007 10:33 am

    It’s called global warming – get used to it. And least we arent’ suffering biblical fires, floods, tornadoes…..but I agree, summer weather this soon in a city SUCKS ASS. Adorable pictures, of course I am partial to the whole 70s look. In the dress up you look like an extra from The History Boys. Yes, the final pic is a little disturbing…

  2. Comment by jeff on May 10, 2007 11:31 pm

    Hot weather? Bring it on!! Speaking of things that are hot, that picture of you in 2000. That has to be my fav. I might be home Sunday night if you guys want to stop by on your way home from the Cape.

  3. Comment by Will on May 12, 2007 8:00 am

    The picture of you in 2000 is really handsome–not that the others aren’t, but that’s a really nice look.

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