I Should Have Bought the Zune

I make the worst buying decisions. I bought my iPod Mini a month before Apple announced the Nano – essentially making my purchase obsolete. I bought plane tickets the day after they jumped $150 in price (more on that later).

And last month – after weeks of comparisions, I opted to go with the 30GB iPod more or less because “that’s what everybody else is buying.” I’m regretting that decision. Not only have I STILL not been able to figure out how to import video (from my own DVD’s) onto the damn thing, but this morning on my way to work the freakin’ thing froze.

I can’t do a thing with it. The battery power is steadily decreasing and it’s stuck on the screen that shows the last song that it played. But none of the buttons will work and there is no reset button. I tried plugging it into the computer. Nothing. I tried the “hold” button. Nothing. I tried holding the stop button or Menu button for 20 seconds. Nothing. I removed the headphones. Nothing.

It’s funny, I was telling Randy of my plans to bring both my old Mini and the new iPod to Europe just in case. I said I didn’t want to get stuck on the 8 hour flight home (alone, since Randy comes back to Boston almost a week before me) without access to tunes. He laughed and said I was being silly.

I’m just glad this happened now – BEFORE arriving in Europe – since I can hopefully bring it to the iPod store and get it replaced. If this happened in Europe – I’d have been screwed.

And speaking of Europe, I got an email from American Airlines yesterday that there is a promotion going on right now for 15% off flights to Europe. Randy got the same email and emailed me and wondering whether our tickets would be eligible even though we bought them a month ago. Well, I went online and entered our flight numbers (as if I was buying new tickets) and the price is actually more than DOUBLE what we paid a month ago. So, even with a 15% discount the price is over 85% more than what we paid. Phew! At least we dodged one bullet.

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  1. Comment by snarl on May 11, 2007 11:09 am

    OK, so Chris (who refuses to leave comments on here) emailed me a Haiku:

    Your iPod is sick
    Now Google “Frozen iPod”
    Instructions will help

    …and it worked! My iPod now works again! Thanks, Chris, for your hilarious assistance!

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