Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche

I had a great weekend! On Friday night, Randy returned from his business trip so we ordered pizza and caught up on our recorded shows (Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, etc…).

On Saturday we drove to the Cape for Mother’s Day and my birthday (celebrating it a bit early since I’ll be on a plane the actual day). We arrived mid-day and after some conversation and gardening (poor Randy, my parents always put him to work) we went out for a late lunch/early dinner. Feeling energetic, Randy and I then went for a bike ride nearby in Cotuit.

Karl Cotuit.jpg

It was beautiful – but a bit chilly at only 50-something degrees. However, we did manage to find these two businesses next door to each other (I wish he got both signs in one photo since they were near each other…and the sexual innuendo was just too damn obvious).

 real estate.jpg


That night, we played cards and had my ice cream birthday cake. MMMM


Sunday was a bit warmer so after breakfast in Osterville, we drove to Dennis to explore the Cape Cod Rail Trail – a bike path that was formerly a railroad right-of-way. It was quite woodsy and scenic (going through lots of forested areas)…and every so often there would be a pretty pond, cranberry bog, or marsh to enjoy. And with all of those bodies of water, there were lots of bugs. I swear, this ride made me learn to keep my mouth shut when cycling. Only one managed to find it’s way into my mouth (right to the back of the throat….so I swallowed it). And every few minutes I literally had to brush dead bugs off my bare arms. Fortunately, I’m hairy so they never got in contact with my skin – they just got tangled in my web of hair.

I never really thought about the effects of bugs while biking, but if they smash against windshields when you drive, I suppose they’re also prone to smash againt your body as you bike. And I single-handedly killed enough mosquitos during this ride so that Cape Cod does not need to worry about Triple-E this year.

Oh, and Randy is forcing me to add this next bit of text. We rode 16 miles on this ride; starting in Dennis, going completely through Harwich, and ending in Brewster (the trails continues further, but we were running out of time and needed to head back to Boston). At the 8 mile mark we took a break and sat on a rock/bench. The day before while cycling I’d managed to pop my bike’s chain and scrape my foot on the peddle. On this day, I managed to cut my leg somewhere else (I’m still not sure how) so there was a minor scrape with blood near my ankle. Now, when I say minor – I really mean it. The scrape was less than 1/2 an inch.

But while sitting down I started rambling about how I never would have ever imagined myself biking or exercising. Then, while looking at my wounds, I said “I feel so butch now that I’m biking and stuff. And look, I’m even getting sport-related boo boo’s.”

Note to my gay brethren: never use butch and boo-boo in the same conversation unless you want to be laughed at. Heartily.


  1. Comment by Randy on May 14, 2007 10:15 am

    I think it was more simple like “Look how butch I am with all my boo boos!” It was freaking hilarious. Having Karl tell me how butch he is. Pretty darn funny.

    But a good weekend anyway!

  2. Comment by Mark on May 14, 2007 10:50 am

    Oh poodle, only you can gay up a sports injury. 🙂

  3. Comment by Dave in Chicago (2) on May 14, 2007 1:42 pm

    What’s triple-E? Something like West Nile?

    And use the spell check!! 😉

  4. Comment by Chris on May 14, 2007 6:12 pm

    That is one of my favorite rides.

  5. Comment by mindy on May 15, 2007 10:07 am

    I like to use the straight-girl equivalent of that phrase: “I am very dainty and if you don’t think so I will punch you in the face.”

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