This Isn’t Supposed to Happen Yet

When did summer come? April was practically (if not THE) coldest April on record and now it’s not even mid-May and we’re in the upper 80’s with humidity? This is sick and wrong. I’m so distressed. Yeah, yeah, yeah, everything is blooming and pretty (like I mentioned yesterday), but couldn’t it just be in the […]

It’s Getting Pretty

After what felt like the coldest April on record (perhaps it was), May feels like it’s skipping spring altogether and going for summer. 80 yesterday, mid 80’s today…humidity arriving by Friday. ugh. I’ve already begun wearing shorts and t-shirts to work which, although comfortable, is something I’d rather not do until June. I prefer my […]

Repeats are Coming

In the next few weeks all of my favorite shows will have their season (or series) finale and I’ll be stuck with a summer of repeats. Well, except for Big Brother – I hope that one’s coming back. But these repeats could seriously alter my social schedule with Randy. Since last September we’ve gotten together […]

Did you Miss Me? ‘Cuz I Missed You!

I did, really! I was running a conference this past weekend and the last week of preparations took its toll. It’s been nearly 18 months in the making (between reserving space on campus, negotiating rates/contracts for blocks of rooms at neighboring hotels, catering, audio-visual, and countless other administrative duties) so last week everything became urgent. […]

Sing, Sing a Song

Now that I have a super-duper iPod with 7.5 times the memory, I have been burning ALL of my old CD’s onto my computer (and into my iPod). In the past, I¬†only downloaded my favorite songs since I didn’t have enough space. Now I’ve burned¬†EVERY song on EVERY CD I have and I still have […]