Some Poetry.

I tell you, I’m all about the class. And today I shall recite a poem from my childhood (the goal, back then, was to say this poem as fast as possible):

  • Bobo, see Yott and Cotton
  • Nay, nay and I am your boom boom
  • Eeenie, meenie, Scott and Teenie
  • Bobo and Yott and Scott
  • Bobo and Scott and Yott
  • …and boom

I still don’t know what it means. But, this poem reminds me of this weekend for a reason. Now that Randy has ditched me for more than a week, my sympathetic friends, Jason and Bryan, offered to have me over for dinner last night. Bryan, being of Chinese-American descent, prepared traditional Asian meal with a name that reminds me of the poem.

Shibuya? No, that’s a neighborhood in Tokyo

Shinjuku? No, yet another Tokyo district

Boo-yeah? No, that’s hip-hop slang

She-male? Umm, Doubt it.

Ok, I already forgot what it was called…but you basically have this cauldron of lightly boiling seasoned water in the center of the table and you place your raw meat, fishballs, veggies, and pasta in it. Within minutes, the items are cooked and you pull them out. You continue until full.

Quite yummy. We finished it off with a French card game and some canolli (my contribution to this multi-ethnic evening).

The rest of the weekend was also nice. Particularly Saturday when Randy, Chris and I went on a 22-mile bike ride (from Somerville to Bedford…and back). Acfording to my handy-dandy bike odomoeter thing, I also burned off 900 calories and went an average of 12mph (my high speed was 21mph). That night, he grilled some pizza on the barbecue (yummy). Unfortunately, he enjoys eating outside and I’m now scratching like crazy from mosquito bites (if I have Triple-E or West Nile, I’m blaming him).

That said, I sitll look forward to his return…next Tuesday.


  1. Comment by Randy on June 18, 2007 11:08 am

    Whats so wrong about sitting outside in my lovely back yard, doesnt everyone agree! Next time you can spray down with agent orange (OFF).
    And I think you got mosquito bites out on the bike path like I did and more last night when I got to VA and mom had to show me her garden at dusk. Its like mosquito central here in VA.

  2. Comment by JC on June 18, 2007 11:20 am

    Glad you enjoyed, Karl. And by the way, it’s called shabu shabu. Although, from now on, I am going to call it boo-yeah! “Are you hungry?” “Boo-yeah!”

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