Feeling Powerless

Powerless is exactly how I felt last night. Randy and I were at his place watching the last two episodes of Heroes on Tivo when all of a sudden life went black. The power went out. It lasted all of 40 minutes…but during that time the temperature rose from 72 to 76 degrees. If the power didn’t return within the next half hour, we were going to go elsewhere (either my place or to our friend’s, Ben and Sandy).

Alas, the electricity came back on and we were able to finish Heroes. And now today we’re expecting major thunderstorms to usher in a cold front. I can’t wait! Big storms AND the removal of heat and humidity. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Tomorrow afternoon, Randy and I are heading down to the Cape for a family visit. This will be the first time my sister-in-law has been there in well over a year (since her disability made her wheelchair-bound). It’ll be tough for her to get into their house (steps…no ramp), and once in the house she’ll only be able to occupy the first floor, but this is the first time in over a year that she’s had the energy to deal with the 2.5 hour drive from their home to my parents place.

I think the plans are for a BBQ on Saturday afternoon and perhaps some time in the pool or on the tennis court. Neither Randy nor I have played tennis in ages so this could be a sight. It shall be a camera-free zone!

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  1. Comment by jeff on June 29, 2007 6:50 pm

    Your power went out, you couldn’t finish watching your “stories” and the temp. went up 4 degrees. Sometimes life just isn’t fair huh?

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