All the More Reason to Leave Early

I arrived in the office this morning only to discover the foulest of stenches. As I left yesterday, I noticed a slight smell in the hallway outside my office. I thought nothing of it since my building is prone to smelling a bit peculiar (kind of that 1960’s elementary school smell…you know the smell I’m talking about.).

Well, by this morning that smell at traveled to my office. This time, the smell was more…well, rotten. Or mildewy. Either way, facilities is looking into it. For the third time, I bitched that my office would be more bearable if I had the opportunity to open the door and get fresh air. I’m beginning to fear it’s a losing battle.

At least I’m only here for a partial day today since I’ll be heading out a bit early to beat the traffic heading to the Cape. My brother and his family are going to also be there this weekend…the first time in ages that they’ve traveled because of my sister-in-law’s disability. And Randy gets to meet the extended family now!

Oh dear.

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  1. Comment by Lise on June 29, 2007 10:57 am

    Only the best facilities at Harvard Law, no? AC doesn’t work, elevators don’t work, strange odors abound, substandard workstations…..I’d just leave now. No one can work with a fould smell! Have a great weekend!

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