Preparing for My Future Life as a Single Man

No, Randy and I aren’t breaking up. In fact, things are going rather well in that respect. We managed to be together 24/7 in cramped quarters while traveling though three different countries and we didn’t fight once. There’s a lot to be said for that. But now that we’ve returned from vacation Randy’s work-related travel has also returned […]

Supporting the Arts

While in Paris, Randy and I visited Centre Pompidou (their modern at museum). We explored a good chunk of this enormous museum, but I think our favorite part may have been the children’s wing/floor. There was this interactive exhibit totally geared toward their intended demographic (children) that we temporarily hijacked and thoroughly enjoyed.  Basically, you […]

Home, Sweet Home

How appropriate that the last blog entry title I made before going on vacation were lyrics to a Motley Crue song…and now the first one upon my return is yet another 80’s power ballad from the same group? Who knew they’d be the soundtrack to my life (aside from “Girls, Girls, Girls”, of course). Anyway, I […]

“I Love Paris in the Springtime”

Yep, Cole Porter said it best. The end of my trip is fast approaching with only two full days left. I’m making the most of it, albeit alone now that Randy has left. Let’s see, we arrived in Paris last Saturday. Mark had us join him as he went to various produce stands and markets […]

Prague: You Simply MUST Czech it Out!

I’ll try to keep this post concise, bit it’s going to be hard. OK – here goes: Prague is the most beautiful city I have ever seen. Period. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a soft spot for Paris (which has more cultural opportunities than Prague). And I still find Minneapolis so clean and […]

Back to the Beginning

I’m nearly 13 days into my vacation and I’m just now finally able to blog about what I’ve been doing. Oy vey. Let’s go back…way back. We left Boston on Thursday, May 24th and arrived in London on Friday morning. Randy got us bumped up to business class and what a difference that makes! The […]

A Quick Note from Paris

I’m now in Paris (having arrive bright and early yesterday morning).  The 4 days in Prague were amazing. I can’t recommend that city enough. It was the cleanest and prettiest city I have ever scene. The maze of streets and medievil alleyways fascinated (and confused) me at every turn. I actually ended up in the […]