Payback’s a Bitch

I got together with my friend, Deano, last night. He came to the North End with the intention of hanging out and eating dinner. But over dinner he mentioned his competitive nature with games such as Scrabble. Big mistake! I snarfed down the rest of my meal as fast as I could and we rushed back to my place for a game.

He is a very competitive person, as evidenced by his refusal to place down any letters even remotely close to a “triple word” score. Or the one time he did do that, he put a word adjacent to a “triple word” score that could not be added onto – thus rendering that spot useless for the rest of the game.

Oh yes – he’s competitive. Midway through the game his Red Sox cap twisted backwards and teh boy had his game on.

Alas, it made no difference. He suffered a humbling ass-whopping with my score of 272 to his score of 232 – a 40 point difference. Ka-ching!

But I deserved it. You see, the first time we played Baggo together, he managed to get a perfect score of 12 points in one single turn; an extremely difficult feat. On that day, I had to hang my head low in shame. This time, he left with his tail between his legs.

Next time? Your guess is as good as mine.

*Photo found on Yahoo! Images, posted by drockromeo.

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