Note to Self: Never Let Randy Pick the Movie

This was actually a pretty big weekend for me. You see, Sunday was my one year anniversary with Randy. Yep…365 days he’s put up with me…and by moving in together he’s proven that he’s willing to put in even more days. Despite it being a significant milestone, we didn’t really do much. We’d originally discussed […]

Fin de Semana….y Fin de Vinyl!

I’m finally done! The project I’ve been working on sporadically over the summer is finally over! Back in the spring I decided I’d convert all of my father’s vinyl records and tapes into mp3’s. The original converter I bought came with software that came with no instructions. Needless to say, even Randy (a computer pro) […]

A Softer Approach

After riling a few feathers yesterday, I’m going to make things easy and non-confrontational today. Thanks to Karyn (Vexed in the City) here are my 3’s: Three things that scare me organized religion pain (or the infliction of pain) sunflowers Three people who make me laugh Amy Sedaris Kathy Griffin Wanda Sykes (Hmmm -all females…interesting) […]

How Can Harvard Students Be So Stupid?

This posting is probably going to cause me to lose my job – but I just have to vent. It’s September. It’s the Boston area. We all know what that means: the students are back. Generally, I love it when the students return. The streets are livelier and the city (well, cities: Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, […]

Reflections on a Summer Past

Yeah, yeah, yeah – summer doesn’t technically end until September 21st. But Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer and we all know it. The college students have returned and the streets are littered with furniture until the next garbage pick up, students begin public school this week, and there are no more “summer” […]