You Know You’re in a Recession When…

…you retirement account loses over 10% of it’s value in just the first two weeks of the year.

…the interest in your savings account drops a whole percentage point (from 5.05% to 4.05%) at the same time as you retirement account dwindling.

…two people you know get laid off within one month of each other. First came Randy in January, then came another friend yesterday. Unlike Randy, though, our other friend’s severance package sucks (just 2 weeks as opposed to Randy’s 10 weeks) and it doesn’t appear that another manager at his company will scoop him up for re-hiring.

I’ve only known one person in my entire life who got laid off (including the early 90’s recession and the early 00’s recession). And we weren’t even close (would that make him just an acquaintance?) Anyway, for TWO people to have this happen so close together makes me think that the times, they are a’changing.

…and fast.

There’s only one solution: make my millions in the slot machines and blackjack tables in Las Vegas in two weeks! Hell, I imagine that wouldn’t be much more of a gamble than the stock market right now.

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  1. Comment by Wendy on February 7, 2008 10:27 am

    We don’t know each other very well either, but I was laid off twice, both in 2001. 🙂 I suspect you know more of us than you think.

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