I’ve always been impatient. And today my patience is being tested while waiting for the cable guy to show up (not Jim Carey, but an actual cable technician).  Over the past few weeks our internet has been dropping to slow (and even non-existent) speeds. At times it’s like being on dial-up again (doesn’t dial-up seem like some primitive technology from decades ago despite being common just 10 years ago?)

Well , they said they’d come this morning after 7:00AM so here I am. – watching the morning news and afraid to use the bathroom because I know the second I get in there the door bell will ring.

Damn, this is pretty tragic….can you tell that I have nothing to write about?

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  1. Comment by keith on February 12, 2008 10:04 am

    That’s a circle of hell that makes me NUTS. When I had a new washer delivered from Best Buy, they only let me pick a “day” – wouldn’t even narrow it down to “morning” or “afternoon”.

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