A Dream (er, Nightmare) Come True

I’ve always wanted waterfront property. My entire life has been spent living within a few miles of the ocean. For most of it, I was within under a 1/4 mile. In fact, for a time in Newburyport and in Salem, I even had “obstructed” water views. But I never lived directly on the water.

But that all changed last night. With 3 inches of snow over night then an additional 3 inches of rain all day, I returned home from work yesterday to find our street was a raving rapid. Seriously! We’re on a slight hill…but it’s enough of a hill that water reaching as high as the sidewalks was pouring down the street. So pretty!

Seeing how much water was flowing by the house, I figured I’d go to the basement to lift some area rugs we have (in the event that water seeps in).

Too late.

Just looking down from the basement door I could see the area rug at the foot of the steps was completely saturated. I took the corner and found nearly the entire basement was covered in water. In some areas I’d say it was about an inch…not a lot, but it was enough that three of the little area rugs were actually floating on the water.

It’s times like these when I miss living in hi-rises.

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  1. Comment by jeff on February 14, 2008 7:16 pm

    Next thing you know they’ll re-assess your property for a higher value because it’s waterfront. Good thing you have kayaks.

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