The Worst Part About Vacation…

…is catching up.

And I’ve had lots to catch up on. First, at work I’ve been preparing for a meeting with our development office regarding my program’s grant. This meeting is today.

At home I’ve been renaming and sorting through all of the photos we took on our vacation last week. Considering how many photos Randy takes (and I take, to a lesser extent), there’s lots of renaming and deleting to do.

Finally, I’m catching up on sleep. For some reason, jetlag really hits me strong and screws with my schedule for weeks. It’s pretty pathetic considering this was just a 3-hour difference. But considering we were staying up later in Las Vegas than we probably would at any other destination, that 1:30AM walk home from the casino equals 4:30AM in Boston.

Still, it’s all worth it in the end; I’ve got great photos and more great memories of places Randy and I have been together. And speaking of being places, Randy is going on his first business trip since taking the new job in January. He’ll be gone nearly a week. To be honest, this may be good for him…and for me…since prior to living together we were both fairly independent. And for the first few months living together he was traveling a lot so we still had that sense of space.

Though, I’m still sure after his second night away I’ll be ready for his return.

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  1. Comment by Jeff on February 28, 2008 10:33 am

    I’m always wiped out for a few days after I get back from Vegas. I think between all the walking and stuff plus the time changes, it’s just knocks you down.

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