Too Darn Hot

Our friend, Zach, graduated from MIT on Friday so we went to his graduation party in Plymouth on Saturday. It was a great time (great people, great food). The temperature was a wee bit oppressive, but we coped. We didn’t end up getting home until after 11PM (we left Plymouth at 9:30 but road construction on the expressway caused an hour delay).

Anway, even at 11PM it was 83 degrees still in Somerville (much warmer than it was in Plymouth).

In fact, it was so hot that Randy wasn’t even up for going to the beach yesterday. Now THAT’s hot.

And speaking of climate/earth…what’s up with all of these earthquakes? I’m not a seismologist, but I know that dozens (hundreds?) of earthquakes happen every day (I’m a geek and will occasionally check out the website just for the hell of it). But there has been a HUGE amount of activity with larger earthquakes lately. First there was the big one in China. Then while Randy and I were in Europe Iceland had a 6.3 quake. Now yesterday Greece had 20 earthquakes in a 12 hour period and China had another quake over 6.0 in a series of aftershocks since the original one a few weeks ago.

Is the planet trying to tell us something? This time around, at least, the televangelists can’t blame the homosexuals and abortionists since these quakes are not happening in Massachusetts, Denmark, South Africa, Canada, or Spain (those are the places where same-sex marriage is legal). But this sudden spike in large earthquake activity does have me intrigued.


  1. Comment by Dave in Chicago (2) on June 9, 2008 12:01 pm

    It’s the End Times.

  2. Comment by Lyanca Martinez on June 9, 2008 7:37 pm

    I Agree with the increase in Sismic activity. I am not considered a nerd maybe by social standards; in fact I wear super high heels everyday and I sell advertising for a TV Station, but the last time I was cosmically “forced” to do some blog research was in 2001 when I found out that Nasa scientists werent allowed to talk to the US media about Climate Change soooooo that means I must really have a “strong” feeling again about the increase in the recent siesmic activity. In other words it is a little more than I would like to ignore. thoughts?…… sorry for any misspellings 🙂 I’m running late and screen is hard to read. ha!

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