A Little R&R…& R

This weekend spontaneously turned into a mini-vacation. What started out as a solo over-night trip to the Cape to visit my parents turned into a full weekend with family and friends. I headed down on Friday night and had dinner/games with my parents.

On Saturday morning, Randy arrived with our friends, Chris and Pete, and we drove up to Provincetown. After checking into our rooms at the guesthouse, we headed straight to Herring Cove for a perfect beach day. That night, we walked up and down Commerical Street, had dinner at Ciro and Sal’s (my first time there…surprising considering I’ve been going to Ptown every summer since 1986).

We were all too exhaused from the beach to go to any shows or clubs, so we got some ice cream and people-watched until finally crashing for the night.

We repeated the beach activities on Sunday. We were skeptical that we would be able to do that since the forecasts for Sunday were horrible. But the meterorologists were completely wrong…almost. After a spectacular morning, we packed up to head home around 2:30PM. At that time, an ominous cloud formation formed almost immediately and within minutes it was very dark and we could see lightning in the distance. Meanwhile, we had nearly another quarter mile to walk back to the car. We made it to the car just as it began raining.

But by the time we finished rinsing off at the bath house, the storm was gone and we headed back into town to walk around some more and grab an early dinner.

We made it home by 8PM…and now I hear thunder (again) as I type this blog on Monday morning. At least I have the memories of (mostly) gorgeous weather over the weekend.

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  1. Comment by Will on June 23, 2008 8:06 pm

    Very much the same situation up here. The big event we were concerned about was the Sweat Lodge gathering Sunday. We were scheduled to start the fire to heat the rocks at 5PM. The forecast was for heavy rains–which remained at bay almost 24 hours until today. Ah, New England weather!

    Chris and Pete look like stout lads–glad you had a great time.

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