It’s a Good Thing I’m Technologically Illiterate

There was a spectacular thunder and lightning storm while I was at work on Friday. The sky got dark and then I saw lightning in the distance. It hadn’t begun raining in my area yet so I opened the door to my office’s roof deck and listened to the thunder. When I saw a lightning, I figured I’d try to take pictures of future lightning bolts.

I grabbed my cell phone (which I can barely use to make phone calls, let alone take photographs) and returned to the door way. I couldn’t quite find the button so when the next lightning bolt struck I just pushed inward (the whole phone moved). I couldn’t tell if the picture took or not so I just continued taking photos.

It was very frustrating because the cell phone would automatically go into idle mode after 20 seconds so I would have to press buttons to turn it on again, then find the camera option. Of course, by that time numerous lightning bolts had already flashed. I just kept clicking…hoping that lightning would strike at the same time I pressed the buttons on the phone (there was also a slight delay between pressing the button and the actual photo being taken).

Yet through some miracle, the first photograph I took actually worked! It was the only one to catch a lightning bolt striking the ground. The rest were just blurry messes or boring cloud shots.

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