I’m Digging It

I watched the second episode of SwingTown last night and I have to say I’m starting to get into it. That characters interest me. And I can relate them in some way (no, I’ve never been a swinger, but I can relate to dealing with the pressures that society puts on a person to follow […]

We’re “Lost” for the Summer

Most of our favorite television shows finished their seasons just before we went to Europe. However, there were a few season finales on the DVR when we got back: Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy… …and Lost. Last night we watched the last one: Lost. Randy is WAY more into this show than I am. He’s been […]

Did I Miss Something?

When we went to bed last night it was hazy, hot, and humid. A completely miserable evening (weather-wise). When we woke up, it was dry and sunny. Lovely. In between, the meteorologists predicted a line of thunderstorms coming through. The news showed this heavy line around the Berkshires heading our way. Yet I never heard […]

Unfit to be an American

My tastes just don’t seem to allign with the American mentality. I think we should adopt the European models of universal health care. I think we should increase income taxes – provided they actually improve services like public transit and health care. And I tend to like their music. Specifically, it’s well documented that I […]

Too Darn Hot

Our friend, Zach, graduated from MIT on Friday so we went to his graduation party in Plymouth on Saturday. It was a great time (great people, great food). The temperature was a wee bit oppressive, but we coped. We didn’t end up getting home until after 11PM (we left Plymouth at 9:30 but road construction […]

A Lesson Learned

Note to self: If it’s ever cloudy when I begin my morning scooter commute, wear nylon track pants over my clothes. I left the house and it was dry. Well, the ground was wet from overnight rain, but it wasn’t raining as I left the house. But just before I got half way to work […]

Now, Students, It’s Time for the Slide Presentation.

We all know what this means! Yep, our photos are now available for your viewing online. As usual, we took more pictures of places than of people, so you’ll get lots of cool architecture and medievil city scenes, but you won’t see photos of us doing silly or obscene things. Well, perhaps there are a […]

Observations From a Simpleton

The jetlag isn’t kicking in as fiercely as it usually does. Perhaps I’ve become accustomed to transitioning from time zones? Either that or it’s going to come on full force in a few days. Randy returns today (he’s actually on the plane as I type) and should land around 3:15PM. YAY! I can’t think of […]

Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Munich: Part Infiniti

Yikes – I really did horribly at blogging this time around, didn’t I? We kept ourselves pretty busy in Paris, and then our hotels in the other cities either didn’t have free wifi (pronounced wee-fee, in French), or the service was dial-up and not worth the effort. Let’s see, where did I leave off? Oh […]