Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

D’oh! I forgot to upload the photos from the Christmas Tree decorating party on Friday night. You’ll just have to trust me that it was a fun time and that the tree looks spectacular.

On Saturday, Randy and I did a bit of holiday shopping before going to see the most recent Ryan Landry play at the Ramrod Centre for the Performing Arts; All About Christmas Eve.

It was a comedic take on “All About Eve” so Chris, Pete and I watched the DVD Saturday afternoon so we’d be able to catch all of the jokes. I’m glad we did!

I think our favorite part of the play was when Eve Harrington starred in her play (the one that won her the award). Ryan Landry’s troupe did a play within a play for a brief spell and did a musical number called “No No Nativity” and it had drag queens and kings doing a musical (similar in style to “Jesus Christ Superstar”) with trippy 60’s/70’s rock music and interpretive dance sequences showing Mary and Joseph and the Wiseman,…and the birth,¬†etc…


Anyway, on Sunday Randy and I continued Christmas shopping (almost done!) and went to Ipswich for a Christmas party. They had a lovely coating of about 2 inches of snow on the ground so the ride up through Hamilton and Wenham was spectacular (particularly with the holiday lights on so many of the centuries old houses).

Tis the most wonderful time of year!

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