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Oh boy, am I confused. This afternoon is supposed to be our holiday party at work (starting at 4pm). it takes place on-campus in a function hall. Yet this morning I arrived in the office to find an email announcing that the office is closing at noon because of the snow storm.

So….is the party canceled? Why no announcement about that? I wants me some free food and booze.

I think I completed my Christmas shopping yesterday. It’s been tough. Randy and I have discussed this, but we both are in a stage in our lives where we are able to buy what we want/need. Consequently, it makes it tough to figure out what to buy each other for Christmas. We could always buy silly/unnecessary things, but with both of us being somewhat frugal (which could explain why we’re financially comfortable, I suppose) that just seems wrong.

Plus, and I say this with love, Randy is known for returning gifts he doesn’t need/want/like. What’s the point in buying sweet little nothings if he’s not going to keep it? So, aside from the “big” gift (which he already knows about), I’ve purchased a few other things that may (or may not) end up being returned.

Another complicating factor, I’ve realized, is that it’s tough to Christmas shop as a city dweller. It’s funny, as a kid I always thought you could get anything in the city…it’s where everything happens. However, the city isn’t as big on chain stores (the places where you get the major discounts: Target, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc…). Yeah, there’s a Target in South Bay (Dorchester), but to get there requires a 10 minute walk, a bus ride, a transfer to the redline subway, then another bus (or long walk). And the cute, over-priced Mom-&-Pop stores the city offers (and that you want to help support) all have “no return” policies (exchange only).

Without a car, gift shopping can be tough (this is the one time of year when I realize that). Oh well, a week from today Christmas will be a distant memory…and I’ll be last-minute packing for my evening flight to Miami (and then a 4 hour drive to Key West the next morning).

It was 76 degrees there yesterday.


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