White Christmas

The snow never stopped! I got home from work around 2PM on Friday and it just started snowing. Although I know it technically stopped for a spell on Saturday evening, there seemed to be flurries all day during daylight hours. Then it started up in earnest (even worse than Friday) yesterday until, all told, we received about 17 inches of snow.

We shoveled around 4pm yesterday afternoon as it changed to sleet. But we woke up this morning to find another two inches on top of that.

I spoke with my parents last night….Dad went to the hospital on Saturday (has pneumonia again). I spoke to him and he didn’t sound as bad as last time (and he mustn’t have been because they didn’t admit him). But my Mom said the snow they got on Friday was nearly gone after it rained all day yesterday. RAIN!

Now it’s 16 degrees out. ugh.

So, my Christmas on Cape Cod just might not be white…but the 10 day outlook for Key West shows sunny and low-mid 70’s every day. That more than makes up for it.

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