Oh, Christmas Tree!

My Christmas tree has been up since last Saturday. However, it’s been sitting there undecorated since my offical tree decorating party will be taking place this evening. Fortunately, the lights are already up on the tree (it’s a fake tree and it came pre-lit). But, by the end of this evening, my living space will […]

Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel

OK, so I don’t have Dreidel, but Randy and I are now in possession of a new toy (well, technically it’s a game). I suppose this could fall under the “they don’t make them like they use to” category. But Randy’s missing luggage finally arrived yesterday and out of it he pulled a children’s board […]

Home For the Holidays

YAY! Randy’s flight actually got him in early last night (by about 20 minutes). Unfortunately, the airlines lost his luggage resulting in him being at the airport longer than expected (waiting at the baggage carousel and then eventually filling out paperwork). Even worse, the luggage they lost included all of the Christmas gifts that he purchased […]

(Christmas) Baby, Please Come Home

Poor Randy. His week long trip to visit family for Thanksgiving has been extended. The airlines said yesterday’s weather was the culprit and the earliest next flight they could get him was nearly 24 hours later. So, instead of coming home yesterday, he’ll arrive this evening. And it’s about time. I’m getting sick of all […]