…And Don’t Forget About Paris!

So after our time in Italy was over, we hopped on a plane to Paris. I want to (proudly) mention that I didn’t have to take any pills to relax myself for this flight! I think that’s the first time in ages.

Anyway, we arrived in Paris and were lucky enough to catch a¬†waiting RER train. Then the train took an hour to get to St-Michel/Notre Dame. Ugh. After reuniting briefly with Mark, we ventured into the Marais to visit the photography museum (it’s free on Wednesdays). The rest of the trip is a blur of sight-seeing, wine, and way too much cheese.

With this being my 5th time in Paris in just the past 4 years, I didn’t really feel any urgency to see anything or to abide by any set schedule. Fortunately, neither did Randy.

We did a bit of shopping in the Marais and along Rivoli, we went to the Eiffel Tour area (but didn’t go up it) and the Trocadero before stumbling upon a farmer’s market where I got the yummiest Lebonese ham and cheese thing made with fresh dough on a dome shaped heating surface. From there, we went to the Modern Art Museum of the City of Paris (which is different than the Centre Pompidou).

We read about a next art space called “104” that showcased local artists. It opened just last fall and is housed in an old city morgue. The space is quite cool with loads of exhibit space, unfortunately, there wasn’t much going on while we were there. We also returned to a park I went to with Ben and Brad on my first trip to Paris (Parc des Buttes Chaumont) created around an all quarry with cliffs and waterfalls.

Let’s see, on Friday night Mark made a delicious Mexican meal for us and two other friends and we capped the night off with a game of Hands and Feet (actually, we played that game every night we were there). I love Paris nights because it doesnt’ get dark until after 10PM this time of year.

And then we flew home on Sunday…

Stupidly, I had scheduled my physical exam to take place today…so I ended up going in 16 pounds heavier than my last physical, and after 11 days of pasta, beef, cheese, and wine. NOT SMART! I’m dreading the results of my blood work.

But it was all worth it in the end.

Where to next?

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  1. Comment by Randy on June 4, 2009 1:23 pm

    We are off to Roanoke at the end of the money for my high school reunion. Oh what fun!

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