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We’ve now been home for 5 days and, surprisingly, the jetlag hasn’t been so bad this time. In the past, It could take upwards of two weeks for me to get back into the routine of things. But I’ve been able to fall asleep at about the normal time every night. I am waking up about an hourly earlier than normal but that hasn’t been too big of a deal since it helps with our morning bathroom schedule.

And, FINALLY, I’ve finished sorting through the photos of our trip. Randy ended up taking well over a thousand photos. We narrowed it down to about half of that, and I’ve posted only 80 or so of the best pictures in my photo gallery (see the link on the right for “Karl’s International Travel Photos” if you’re interested).

And now it looks like we’ll have some spectacular weather this weekend. I think Crane Beach is calling me.

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  1. Comment by Meldoy on June 5, 2009 9:55 am

    Glad to hear you and Randy had such a good time and that you aren’t jetlagged. I thought you were since you haven’t been posting lately. 🙂

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