I Thought This Silliness Had Ended

It’s being reported on the news that a parking space in the Back Bay just sold for $300,000.


I remember a few years ago when a garage spot sold for just over $200,000 and it made headlines. At least that spot was in a garage. This is an outside┬áparking space, accessed by an alley. That means for $300,000 the person (or his help) will have to shovel snow and scrape off the car. It’s not garaged so it’ll be freezing to enter in the winter and miserably hot to enter in the summer.

Now, I don’t know this person’s circumstances, but he might have opted to spend $400/month to rent in a garage until something better came along. Just my two cents.

It’s just been so long since I’ve read insane real estate news. But just think we have this parking space story and the story of our governor selling his $1.9 million home in Milton (which he purchased in 1989 for under $600,000, yet his mortgage is double that…go figure).

Also in the news after not being talked about for a while is news that the Swine Flu is being classified as Level 6 (pandemic) by the World Health Organization. Apparently, despite it dropped from the front pages nearly a month ago, the flu has been spreading and spreading to pandemic levels.

I guess the media picks and chooses what’s sexy to print,and the swine flu got tired. Fortunately, there are people willing to spend $300,000 on parking space to change the topic.

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  1. Comment by Fred on June 11, 2009 11:13 am

    Welcome to the entitled insanity that IS Back Bay (and South End) Boston in recent years…this is someone who doesn’t want to have to walk an extra twenty feet in her Manolos in the slush to get to the car (and there’s got to be a staffer to shovel it out and spread a rug before her, or whatever), and will pay ANYthing for it…I’m waiting for “Real Housewives of Boston.” Except it would be dull-vapid….not slutty/horrible vapid…

    Utter insanity!

    What’s the adorable little car in your photo? A Fiat? An Alfa Romeo? Love it, in any case – infinitely cuter than the Smart for Two….which looks most like the typical entitled New Bostonian’s (typically at-least-for-two…plus Chanel bag and triple-nonfat-soy-latte….) baby stroller….

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