Where Is this Diversity Every Other Day?

This past weekend was Boston Pride.¬† Every year I attend I (and everybody else I know) pisses and moans that the entire parade consists of church groups and politicians. Gone are the flamboyant, in-your-face floats sponsored by bars and clubs. Some still exist, but they’re all the same (a handful of men and/or drag queens on a flat bed truck…half obscured by railings… dancing to music that is turned up too load on a poor sound systems, resulting in an unpleasant static mess).

I used to love the floats in the 90’s that were so elaborate. I believe it was Avalon that created a “Priscilla: Queen of the Desert” floats with elaborately dressed queens on a flatbed (with no railings, I might add) with an enormous high-heeled shoe with people on it. Or the year of the flatbed truck (again, with no railings)¬†with two lesbians simulating sex. This year, I didn’t see a single woman with tiny pieces of electrical tape covering her ninnies. None a single one! In years past, you’d see groups of them.

Anyway, I suppose it’s a cool thing that churches and nearly all Massachusetts politicans are so welcoming. Hell, even our mayor and governor participate nowadays to support the gays (and lesbians, bisexual, and transgender).

And speaking of all of that diversity, the one thing I always forget throughout the year but am reminded of at every parade, is how diverse this group is. On a typical New England day, I’ll see white gay men and the occasional lesbian. But on Pride day, there are people of so many other racial backgrounds it’s just wonderful. Asian people, middle-eastern people, latino people, African American people….and LBGT of all different types (femme, butch, bear, leather, twink, activist, teen, elderly, slave, master, drag, coupled, singled, flaming, conservative, jock).

And best of all, they’re all getting along.

So, yeah, the parade itself is boring as hell. And City Hall Plaza can’t compare to the Boston Common (I hope it returns someday). But the inclusiveness you feel on that day, just one day, is something you never see in Boston on a daily basis. And I’m not talking for gay people, I mean all people.

Where do all of these people go the rest of the year? Are they just spread throughout the region? Are they closeted?

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  1. Comment by Jeffrey on June 23, 2009 6:26 pm

    I used to piss and moan about churches and politicians as well, but it’s the businesses that really annoy me. I hope they’re paying for all that target audience they’re getting. I don’t even bother to go anymore, and I don’t miss it at all.

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