Out of Touch

You never really notice how much you love/rely/need something until that certain thing is unavailable. I’ve been dealing with such a scenario for a few days, and for another reason, will be living it for the near future, too.

First, Randy and I were have problems with our wireless router at home (or so we thought). My laptop kept disconnecting from the internet and we couldn’t get it to connect again. We replaced the router and it kept happening. Then Randy took the BIG step and re-installed the entire operating system on my computer (upgrading me to Vista while he was at it…not so sure I like). Anyway, I’ve continued to have the problems…and now so has he.

Ruling out that it’s not my computer or the router, he called our provider (RCN) last night. Unfortunately, he got stuck in a 25 minute phone queue before hanging up, but the recording did say that residents of Massachusetts were experiencing router connection problems and that they were working on it.

Super, so Randy spent two days ‘fixing’ my computer and we spent $40 on a router only to find that the issue is with the provider. Worst, I spent more nearly 48 hours without home internet access!

And now I’m going to have to do without something even more important to me: sweets. I got the bloodwork results back from the doctor yesterday and noticed a disturbing trend. Back in 2006 (just before meeting Randy) all of my blood work was in the “normal” column. At my last physical 1.5 years ago, most items were still in the normal column, but two things (cholesterol and bad cholesterol) were in the abnormal column (good cholesterol was in the good zone, but borderline).

Well, flash forward to June 2009. I now have only two items in the normal category (blood  glucose/sugar and kidney). EVERYTHING else has done from normal or borderline to abnormal.

My doctor is not happy.

I’m not happy.

I pulled up the reports from previous years and could see all of those things gradually getting worse with each physical exam. Once we’re done emptying the house of sweets*, it’s time to change my habits. I’ll stop eating beef again. I’ll stop eating cookies and, gasp, gummies. I’ll decrease portions. I’ll eat dinner earlier in the evening. I might go back to oatmeal (versus cereal) for breakfast.

Basically, I’ll be miserable. But at least I’ll live a long time as a miserable person.


*I know I could start now and just toss the junk food we currently have in the house, but we’re flying to Virginia a week from today and Randy’s mother doesn’t cook any items without lard, sugar, or fat as a key ingredient. There’s no point in starting for 6 days and then blowing it down there.


  1. Comment by Chris on June 18, 2009 10:13 am

    As a friend, I offer my services to eat all of the sweets in your house. Just call and I’ll be over to take all the cookies and candy off your hands. My blood looks like a bacon cheeseburger smoothie. I may not live as long, but at least I’ll die fat and happy.

  2. Comment by Randy on June 19, 2009 4:22 pm

    Its not my fault you dont know portion control for sweets.
    I know you blame me for all your woes . But listen its not all my faul. I may be fat but I have great cholesterol and such. Im sure the gym and some red wine help 🙂

  3. Comment by Will on June 20, 2009 12:43 pm

    When you began, you dated the beginning of the various spikes in numbers to just after you met Randy–I was worried that the doctor was going to tell you to give HIM up!

    I’m so glad that isn’t the case. 🙂

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