Surprises, Cows, Burns, and Buyer’s Remorse

So much (stupid stuff) to write about, but where to begin?

Let’s see, Thursday was like a Friday for me since our office was closed on Friday for the 4th of July. Randy had tentatively notified me that he was going to see if some friends wanted to come over for dinner and games after work. Nothing was official (I never heard back about who, specifically, was coming).

Well, I got home from work and multi-tasked by the TV and computer until about 7:30PM when the doorbell rang. It was our friends, Mark and Kana (and their baby, Kai). I’d begun to think that nobody was coming over since Randy never called, yet now people were arriving. I checked my cell phone and the screen said “SIM card error.” This has happened before so I turned it off and restarted. Nothing. I removed the battery and replaced it. Nothing. I removed the SIM card and replaced it. Nothing.

I was assuming Randy must have been texting or calling and he’d be pissed that I was responding. But then everybody showed up and I was presented with the new iPhone (the 3G S one that has 32g of memory and a video camera). This was my reward for scanning all of Randy’s old family photos. YAY ME!

On Friday, I proposed we go up to Middleton for some Mini-Golf and ice cream at Richardson’s. Afterwards, we went back to the farm (they make their own ice cream with their own milk) and befriended the cows.

On Saturday, Chris, Randy, and I headed up to Crane Beach. Since I never sit out in the sun (I always hide under my big green umbrella) I didn’t put any sunblock on. Apparently, the umbrella doesn’t block all sunlight because I did end up getting a bit of a burn on my face and chest. I think this is the first real burn I’ve had in years. Still, it was nice to finally enjoy a non-dreary day.

Sunday was a completely and fabulously (and I don’t use the f-word lightly) lazy day where I simply recuperating from all of the social activities and excessive sun of the previous few days.

And so I returned to my office this morning and was reminded that I’m moving to a new office in two days after I opened the door to find all of my boxes and crates packed up and ready to go. I’m rather sad about this move. My current office is quite large, has a large deck overlooking Cambridge Common (and a church), and is rather secluded despite being in a main campus building. I also love that it’s contected to almost the entire law school campus by an underground tunnel (meaning no coats needed in the winter and no umbrellas when it rains). I’ve loved this office and have always realized how lucky I am to have it.

My new office is nicer and newer (more freshly painted, new furniture) but it’s not connected by tunnels. And there’s no roof deck with expansive sky views. But what really pisses me off is that the facilities folks were giving a walking tour to the new occupant and after showing him the roof deck and space, the guy complained that he’d “rather have an office overlooking the yard.” WAIT! So I’m giving up my primo office to a guy that doesn’t even want it? Hell, if that’s the case, let me stay!

Anyway, this is the same feeling I’ve always gotten days before renting a new apartment or buying a new condo. That feeling of regret (did I make the right decision)? In this case, I’m wondering if I didn’t protest enough to stay. Sigh. I’m sure the new space will be great. In fact, the desk will be much more comfortable. I will no longer have to stradle my legs around a file cabinet to work on my computer (my current desk is so old it pre-dates computers).

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