My Last day

After over 3.5 years in my current office, today is my last day before moving to a new building. I greet this transition with mixed emotions. First, I’m thankful to still have a job here considering the economy and recent lay-off’s. But I’m also saddened that I’m relocating.

My current office is actually a dump. The furniture is almost prehistoric. The desk was built pre-computer and has no grommets for computer wiring. It’s also natural wood that has chipped along the edges so I occasionally get splinters (a problem that I remedied by covering the wood with Scotch tape in dangerous areas).

It’s also got built in drawers on both sides so I my lages have to straddle one set to access my computer. The ceiling also leaks (right over the computer, unfortunately) so I have drip marks on my monitor. It also faces west so it can get incredibly hot in the afternoons.

However, it’s a top floor/corner office that is very quiet and relatively private (located at the end of a deserted corridor). It’s also rather large at nearly 200 square feet with an entire wall of glass. And that glass all overlooks an enormous (1,000 foot or larger) roof deck that only I have access to, with views of Cambridge Common. I love being able to watch storms approaching and even managed to catch a great photo of lightning striking Cambridge last summer using my cell phone.

On the plus side, the new office is much nicer. It’s also located on the top floor, but in a newer building and is a fairly decent size (about 30 squre feet smaller than my current office). It also has new furniture. Nice new furniture, in fact. But it overlooks an apartment building and is a bit isolated from the rest of the campus.

I’m sure I’ll learn to enjoy it.  I just hope I don’t get evicted again once I start loving it!


  1. Comment by mindy on July 7, 2009 11:38 am

    Where are they moving you to? Will we ever see you again, or will you be like the financial office people who are now only a rumor?

  2. Comment by Will on July 8, 2009 8:36 pm

    Is “bon voyage” appropriate for an office move? Well, best of luck in the new place, Karl!

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