Pueblo de P

Everything seemed to work in our favor for our last minute trip to Provincetown this past weekend. First, the weather pattern of gloom and doom lifted and a sunny weekend was predicted. Then we found an amazing deal at a small guesthouse (the Elephant Walk Inn) that I can’t recommend enough for a) the friendly service and b) recession pricing. If you’re heading to Ptown and want a good deal, give them a call. Mike, the owner, was very accomodating and Jared (aka Doris, or by his drag name, Kay Serah), the house boy (or house man as he was many years older than us), was a hoot.

We managed to see a few shows (Dina Martina and Miss Richfield 1981). Both were fun. We managed to make it to the beach every day. We explored two new restaurants. All in all, it was just what the doctor ordered.

Actually, my doctor would order that I be less sedentary and eat healthier. But what’s the point of vacation if those are your plans?

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  1. Comment by Randy on July 15, 2009 3:07 pm

    What no picture of Miss Richfield 1981 and her babydolls heads

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