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Randy and I are returning today for a second look at the two most recent condos in our 6+ month search. It’s a good thing we aren’t contending with a lease that terminates on a specific date because at the rate we’re going, we won’t find a place for a few more years.

You’d think that not having a deadline to force you out makes house-hunting easier…but you’d be wrong. That’s because in every purchase, you tend to have to make a sacrifice about something. No place has everything you want. You can’t meet every single minute critera. And if you have a time limit to your search, you just take the best you can find, warts and all.

But if you have the luxury of time, all you (Randy) will do is say “there’ll be something better.” And that’s been said a lot in this home search.

Well, the two properties today combined have just about all of the qualities we want. Separately, they’re each lacking. But could one be “the” one? I guess we’ll find out later today.

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