What’s In a Name?

I’m beginning to wonder if I should rename this website “Karl’s Weekly Blog since it seems that’s become the new frequency with which I update. I do hope time hasn’t run its course on this site because it has been enjoyable for me (and therapeutic).

There have just been so many distractions lately between summer travel, work (busy with annual reports), dogsitting, friends visiting from out of town, and biggest of all, planning for our move (we close in 30 days).

Though, with all of that going on you’d think i’d have oodles to write about. Perhaps I do, but it’s all just exhausted me to the point that I don’t feel like I can compose coherent thoughts about everything. At least, not in a witty way.

But maybe that’s just what I need to do… use this distraction to give me a break from the rest, and to take advantage of its therapeutic escapist benefits?

…or not.

Anyway, Randy and I had a fun/busy weekend. Friends came over Friday night and introduced us to two new games (Modern Art and Wits and Wagers). We loved the latter so much that Randy had us run to Target on Saturday so we could introduce it to more friends Saturday night. On Sunday we decided to go for a relaxing day (FINALLY!) and drove up to Rockport to walk around and enjoy the sites.  Ahhhhh.

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