What a Trip Should Be

Randy and I did a last-minute trip to Provincetown for the Labor Day weekend and I have to say it was the most relaxed and enjoyable Ptown trip I’ve had in years.

We made it down in time for Friday night’s weekly art gallery walk. It wasn’t intentional, but we were walking around looking for dinner (after having not eaten anything since lunch time) and stumbled upon our first gallery. What’s this? Free wine and cheese? Why, sure!

Next thing you know, we’ve hit about 6-10 galleries, each with more and more wine. It was now about 10PM and we still hadn’t eaten anything but cheese, crackers, and a moist funfetti cake. Needless to say, the wine kicked in full force on our empty stomaches. Still, neither of us was that hungry, so instead of spending $20+ per person on a mediocre dinner, we simply got slices of pizza and retired to the guesthouse where we capped the evening off in the hot tub.

On Saturday we headed to the beach (of course), then did some strolling about town before getting Thai food for dinner. More walking ensued, then the evening ended again with us in a hot tub (this time joined by one of the owners, who also happened to be a bit drunk).

Oh, I should mention that upon making the reservation at the guesthouse I discovered that the owners were both from my home town (one, in fact, was from my village). We all graduated from the same high school and even knew some of the same people. But the reunions came to a quick end once the high school yearbook came out and Randy’s patience wore thin.

On Sunday we skipped the beach and ended up purchasing a bit of art for our new condo. We drove back leisurely by popping into various National Seashore beaches in Truro…even stopping by the Highland Light (my first time there).

We also stopped by our friend, Jeff’s, pondside place in Pembroke for a bit of a barbecue before finally getting home around 10PM.

I don’t think I could have asked for a better Labor Day.

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  1. Comment by Melody on September 8, 2009 1:18 pm

    Hey Karl,

    Glad to hear you and Randy had such a nice Labor Day Weekend.

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