How I Know Randy Hates Me

I’ve done a damn good job at avoiding the gym over the summer (and have the belly to prove it). I think I’ve gone a total of three times since the end of May. That averages to about one day per month. Since my gym membership only costs me $4.63 per month (I get $150 back from my insurance company), I feel that it’s been a very reasonable expense. I mean, I wouldn’t want to be taking the gym for granted and using them for more than I pay, now would I?

But after work yesterday Randy dragged me to the gym. Truth be told, I was a bit grumpy before I arrived. I’d gone to CitiBank to close a checking account and they talked me into keeping it open by explaining that I’d lose my 50,000 “thank you points”  (a value of about $500.00).  So, I just withdrew the money (keeping the account active) and tried depositing the cash into Bank of America so I could use the money towards the closing of the condo.

But the freaking ATM is one of those “convenient” new ones that requires no envelopes. Convenient my ass. It just kept rejected the money. Then I’d re-insert and it would accept a few more, and reject a few more. After probably six attempts, fortunately with a very patient woman waiting behind me, I gave up and just deposited what it accepted and walked away with extra cash.

Then after the gym, Randy made me to go the Somerville Parking office to get a moving truck permit to park in front of the house (13 more days!). The line was almost out the door.

So, I was grumpy before the gym, but going sure didn’t help.


*Oh, and what’s particularly sad is that it took ages to find a “sporty” photo of me in my photo archives. The best I could do was me receiving skis for Christmas….28 years ago. I’m not even using them, I’m just looking at them with a “what the hell am I supposed to do with these?” look on my face. I wanted an Easy Bake oven, dammit.


  1. Comment by Randy on September 18, 2009 10:40 am

    Your title doesnt follow. I dont hate you by any means. I just wanted to get your going to the gym again! for your health and my health too.

  2. Comment by Golden on September 18, 2009 11:13 am

    ski? Have you ever skied in your life? And these parking permits for a moving van?
    Although I never lived in Somerville, I had many apts. in Cambridge and Belmont and had no idea you needed such a thing! I guess I was lucky. They made it up for with a speeding ticket last week.

  3. Comment by Will on September 21, 2009 8:52 am

    You wanted an Easy Bake; I desperately wanted a green and cream kid’s sized electric mixer–and threw a huge tantrum at age 4 on the floor of Woolworth in New York City when I didn’t get it.

    You don’t think the handwriting was on the wall about us, or anything, huh? 🙂

  4. Comment by mindy on September 21, 2009 10:54 am

    *I* had an Easy-Bake Oven!

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