A First For Everything

My parents came up to see our new pad this weekend (and loved it). They arrived on Saturday and left on Sunday. In between we shopped, ate, and played games. All in all a good time.

But Sunday evening Randy began to notice that he wasn’t feeling well. I’d noticed a few sneezed and sniffles since he returned from his business trip on Friday, but it really hit him Sunday night. And for the first time since I’ve known him (3+ years) he called in sick to work…two days in a row.

Granted, he’s actually working from home and not calling in sick, but he does feel like crap. Knowing him, he’d have gone into work if it wasn’t for the swine flu scare that’s blanketing the world. His office has signs up all over the place warning people to stay home if they don’t feel good. They’ve also got hand sanitizer all over the place.

Now, I’ve always advocated for using sick time to stay home. For me, it’s mostly because I feel horrible and don’t want to have to deal with the going out and working. I also think it’s important to rest when you’re not well. But a huge factor for me is that I don’t want to get what you have. If more people actually stayed home, the more the bacteria (or virus) stays in the home and not in your office, in the public bathroom, on public transit.

I’ve worked in places that provided sick days, but made you feel guilty for using them. I didn’t last long at those places. If an employer has no consideration for an employee’s well being, the they can go to hell.

So, poor Randy, I hope he starts to feel better very soon (especially since he’s heading to Asia in six days.

Oh, damn, I just sneezed as I was finishing this post. Ugh. On second though, maybe I do like the idea of people going into work when they’re sick…cuz then the bacteria doesn’t fester around my house as much.

And speaking of my house, Randy took some photos yesterday of the 98% complete project. I’ve posted them all (with before and after comparisons) on Facebook. For those non-users, I’ll try to post a few here each day.


  1. Comment by Melody on November 3, 2009 11:52 am

    Randy, I SO hope you feel better soon, nothing worse than being sick. Take care of yourself.

  2. Comment by Randy on November 3, 2009 1:38 pm

    Thanks Melody, so far no real improvement other than my throat doesnt hurt as much. But achy, sneezing, running nose etc. Upper respirator infection thats viral and not yet bacterial so no antibiotics yet! Lets hope i feel better soon.
    Thanks for the thoughts

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