My weekend started out predictable enough. Friends came over Friday night for dinner and games. On Saturday I was supposed to get together with different friends but they bailed on me at the last minute since one wasn’t feeling well. Instead, I had a nice lazy Saturday, which was fine by me considering the torrential wind-driven rain we had all day.

On Saturday morning I was flipping channels over my oatmeal and decided I’d check out Logo (the gay cable network). I look up from my bowl to see my friend, Pete, standing on a boat with his hand over his eyes (presumably to block sun and view into the distance).


It lasted only second before the host of the show appeared and Pete was long gone. I watched the show a bit further to realize that it was BUMP!, a gay travel show that aired on Canadian TV, but is now appearing on U.S based Logo. Wanting to see the rest, I immediately typed my way to the website and started searching.

And I was able to find the full episode about Boston. A little over half way through the episode the host began discussing Boston’s gay yachting club…and showed Pete was captain (though, whether captain of the club or of his own boat, I wasn’t sure). Anyway, he was even interviewed! Then the host roams arounds the boat and chats up a nice lesbian couple.  In the background, I then noticed our friend Chris. WTF?

Within seconds, the host sits down with Chris  and refers to him as  the boats eye candy before asking him a few questions.


Anyway, I was rather excited later in the day since Chris and I had previously planned to go out shopping. I didn’t know what to expect, what with him being eye candy and a televsion celebrity and all. But we managed to get our shopping done and returned to the car with minimal interference from paparrazi. Phew!

It’s tough hanging with celebrities.


  1. Comment by deano on November 16, 2009 6:20 pm

    Well, I read the blog and did the search. Pete looked mighty Captain-Y on the boat….is that his?

    And yeah, gotta agree with what was said by the host, Chris is definitely eye candy!!!

    Live with the curse now…..because that has offically become your nickname!!!

  2. Comment by Jeffrey on November 16, 2009 8:30 pm

    My brother is eye candy? Are you sure the host didn’t just ask him if he had any candy?

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