11 hours, 35 minutes, 30 seconds

But I’m not counting. That is technically the time remaining on Randy’s excessively long business trip.  A trip that found him in clouds and rain every single day, and one that found me dialing 9-1-1 in the middle of the night because the damn fire alarms wouldn’t stop going off. It’s been a trip of him catching a second cold in three weeks, and me resorting back to my old lazy ways with no motivation.

But in less than 12 hours I will be bright and shiny and excited to pick him up at the airport. He, on the other hand, will probably be completely jetlagged, exhausted, and dehydrated. I feel like a puppy. It’s like my parent’ dog, Dusty, who piddles in glee every time she sees me (I call my parents 5 minutes before I get there so they can take her out first). Don’t worry, I’ll go to the bathroom before heading to the airport.

Anyway, the last two nights were the nights I slept best during his absence. I’m guessing it’s partially because I was getting used to having the place to myself, but also because I knew that the nights I was sleeping alone would be ending soon.

I’m such a sap. One thing this absence does make me realize is that if he ever does do that temporary assignment in Asia for 3-6 months, I’ll have to go along. Initially, I was thinking that if he went for 6 months, I’d go for three months in the middle and be in Arlington by myself for the first month and a half and the last month and a half.

I don’t think so.

What does this mean? The optimist in me says it’s love. The pessimist in me says it’s codependency. The realist in me says its a combination of the two.

I can accept that.


  1. Comment by Melody on November 20, 2009 11:55 am

    Karl, thank you for letting us know you will go to the bathroom BEFORE you pick Randy up at the airport, though I have to say I think it would be very amusing to see you run around Randy at the airport piddling as you did so. 🙂 I’m more of an optimist so I’m going with it’s love!

  2. Comment by Chris on November 20, 2009 3:33 pm

    I think reflexive urination is a fairly reasonable response to meeting you.

  3. Comment by Jeffrey on November 20, 2009 7:41 pm

    I think it’s co-dependence, but I’m sure there will be a drug for that on the market soon.

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